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Cost Analysis

Cost-comparison analysis is a detailed assessment that evaluates the costs and resources involved when implementing a specific intervention against alternative options. This type of analysis is crucial for understanding the financial and logistical implications of different choices to ensure the most efficient use of funds and resources.

This methodology proves to be significantly more beneficial than previously outlined in brief summaries. Through this approach, stakeholders can identify the most cost-effective solutions, enhancing the overall efficacy and sustainability of projects or healthcare interventions.

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    Cost-comparison analysis comprises an analysis of the costs and resource use associated with the intervention compared with that of the comparator (s).It is much more advantageous than what we have tried to explain in a very short way mentioned below:

    Junior Accountant Cost in US Cost In India
    Annual Salary 30,000 16,000
    Payroll Taxes (8%) 2,400 Nil
    Overhead Costs (10%) 3,000 Nil
    Total Cost 35,400 16,000
    Senior Accountant Cost in US Cost In India
    Annual Salary 48,000 24,000
    Payroll Taxes (8%) 3,840 Nil
    Overhead Costs (10%) 4,800 Nil
    Total Cost 56,640 24,000
    Financial Controller Cost in US Cost In India
    Annual Salary 70,000 35,000
    Payroll Taxes (8%) 5,600 Nil
    Overhead Costs (10%) 7,000 Nil
    Total Cost 82,600 35,000


    Employee benefit costs in US not included in the comparison

    Overhead cost includes cost of leasing computer hardware and maintenance related, software like accounting package licenses, training, floor space and electricity among others

    Offshore cost are only estimates; includes wages, infrastructure, training and technology cost

    US Salary figures are average figures.