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Budgeting module in Sage Intacct

You need a robust financial plan to achieve your business goals. Planning and budgeting is something that your business needs to concentrate on. It is important that the budgeting module is collaborative and effective and free from error-prone spreadsheets. The budgeting module in Sage Intacct is a cloud-based model that is powerful, easy to use, and designed to help small and mid-sized companies. Deploy it in your organization to save yourself from the headache of dealing with time-consuming worksheets.

What is the budgeting module in Sage Intacct

The budgeting module in Sage Intacct lets you use real-time data and analyze scenarios without guessing. You can add information that lets you compare your current performance and make plans for success. The user-level security offered by the tool lets you collaborate with ease and invites stakeholders to edit, build and review the budget in real-time and also allows creating varied scenarios to dig into the minute details.

Features of budgeting module in Sage Intacct

The budgeting module offers better budgeting and planning for small businesses. Companies use spreadsheets which are not efficient.

Most of the budgeting software is designed to cater to large organizations which makes them unaffordable for smaller companies.

The Sage Intacct budgeting module offers features at a budget that can be availed by small and mid-sized companies too.

  • The module offers control where everyone gets to work on the latest version and is aware of who updates the They can also create various scenarios in a single budget which makes it easier to handle the process.
  • The heads can edit or build budgets or present a plan because of the collaboration feature offered by the module.
  • You can move the sensitive data from the spreadsheet into a secure area and limit access to the data using the high-level user security feature.
  • The formulas are spreadsheet styled with a drag and drop interface and it comes with best practices guide that can be familiarised within days.
  • You can change the drivers and assess the impact on your business with the what-if analysis feature.
  • The tool offers strategic planning and tailored reporting which is robust.

Benefits of the budgeting module in Sage Intacct

  • The budgeting module is easy to deploy and has direct connectivity with the main accounting system which makes it easy to maintain.
  • Because of the advanced functionality that it uses, it can be self-discovered.
  • As it is based out of the cloud, it meets the changing compliance and security standards.
  • The tool is collaborative which lets the entire team contribute to it which makes it a smart budgeting system.
  • The software cuts the budget creation time.
  • The tool works with the Sage Intacctfinancial data because of its bi-directional integration with the core accounting module.


Get your budget and forecast it in a single place with the budgeting module on Sage Intacct. This lets you save several hours. The easy-to-use interface and the navigation with the formula are a cakewalk. The module also comes with various pre-built functionalities. So bid goodbye to the tiring spreadsheets and welcome the smarter way of budgeting.

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