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Dashboard in Sage Intacct

It is always vital for business leaders to have real-time access to important performance metrics. The dashboard in Sage Intacct offers insights that can be tailored to meet the requirements of the team members and the organization.

What is the dashboard in Sage Intacct 

The Sage Intacct dashboard offers several standard reports and tools that allow the creation of graphs, reports, and visualization, which lets the business driver gauge and analyze the performance. It offers visibility into the financial data and accounting metrics and offers real-time information on the financial status of the business. The business gets insights on the performance and operations that let you understand the why and act on it accordingly. A business can make use of the Sage Intacct dashboard to show the accounting KPIs like cash flow, sales, income payment and accounts receivable, etc.

Why choose the dashboard in Sage Intacct 

The Sage Intacct dashboard gets updated in real-time as soon as the transactions get logged into the software. You can get access to individual transactions and journal entries with the drill-down capability. Anyone who has the Sage Intacct login can have the dashboard and the user can build their unique dashboard to offer insights based on their role in the organization. The dashboards can also be set as public or private. The feature of compiling value data offers improvement in accessibility and the dashboard saves time for your accounting staff in running reports.

How can the dashboard in Sage Intacct help you?

  • The Sage Intacct dashboard lets your team make informed decisions before any minor issue gets escalated into something significant.
  • iI helps you to stay on track with the accounts payable and the expenses.
  • You can access and create reports to analyze real-time business performance because of the general ledger feature.
  • The dashboard reports and tracks financial and operational data which saves many hours.
  • It lets you use financial metrics to compare the operational statistics and flags spots and trends with visualization reports.
  • The interactive custom report tackles the mundane reporting work and offers insights in seconds that lets you tackle complicated business.
  • You are free to slice the details because of the flexibility and agility that this dashboard provides. This makes it worthwhile for stakeholders.
  • You can create multiple dashboards to serve varied needs. This can be role-based, analysis-based, user-based or customer-based.
  • The dashboard provides varied components like reports, graphs, performance cards, feeds, and approvals. This makes it easy to configure the dashboard so that the information can be presented to the right people.


The dashboard in Sage Intacct brings together the graphs, reports, and performance cards and offers a complete view of the organization. It depicts the key elements which are crucial for people in varied roles. The dashboard can convey the right information fast and this in turn enables you to take quick business decisions. There are endless possibilities to create a custom dashboard in Sage Intacct. You just need to choose the right combination of data elements to meet your organizational needs and increase the efficiency of your business.

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