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Top 10 Benefits of Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct, a leading cloud-based accounting solution, significantly enhances productivity and profitability by elevating operational efficiency, managing IT costs, and offering real-time financial insights.

This software stands out for its extensive integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting various facets of your organization, such as payroll or customer relationship management—with specialized solutions while excelling in the accounting domain. Sage Intacct emerges as a robust accounting tool with inherent integration features and a wide array of public APIs, empowering users to develop custom integrations as needed.

Complete Automation: Starting from the initial sale and extending to your board and investors, all fundamental financial processes are automated and seamlessly integrated. This integration provides comprehensive visibility and profound insights into your financial performance.

Seamless Sales and Accounting Integration: Sage Intacct’s pre-configured Salesforce integration eradicates redundant and tedious data entry tasks. Streamlined collaboration through Salesforce Chatter eliminates the need to search through emails for documents. Having a unified subscription system of record ensures alignment between sales and accounting, fostering mutual trust in the numbers.

Ensuring ASC 606 and IFRS-15 Compliance: Achieving automation of ASC 606 and IFRS-15 compliance necessitates establishing a robust accounting foundation for reporting, billing, and revenue recognition. Sage Intacct automates the reconstruction of historical activities into your sub-ledger for retrospective reporting and analysis, while also establishing balances to facilitate future billing and revenue recognition.

Accessible Financial Information at Your Fingertips: In Sage Intacct, the contract serves as a singular portrayal of your financial association with a customer throughout their lifecycle. It embodies a dynamic financial arrangement, providing all necessary insights at a mere click.

Continuous Close Capability: For a competitive edge, immediate access to real-time data is crucial. Sage Intacct’s continuous close model offers automated expense/commission amortization throughout the contract’s duration, instant classification of MEA upon saving, automated forecasting derived from actuals, and automated SaaS metrics across dimensions. This instantaneous data equips you to swiftly make strategic decisions on the go.

Streamlined Contract Amendment Handling: Effortlessly manage contract amendments, cancellations, holds, resumes, and renewals with Sage Intacct. This software eliminates manual tasks by automating billing, revenue recognition, closure processes, and metrics promptly and accurately.

Enhanced Compliance and Audit Trail Capability: Utilize Sage Intacct to design a customized task checklist tailored to your business’s contract review process. Upon task completion, input relevant details into the contract, generating an audit trail to showcase compliance.

Consolidated Billing: Adapting to diverse billing models as your business grows is crucial. Sage Intacct eliminates the need to cobble together various billing systems. Unified billing streamlines operations and offers simplicity for customers, enhancing the chances of receiving timely payments.

Automated Forecasting: Having a single subscription-based record system allows for automatic generation and real-time re-forecasting. These forecasts provide valuable insights for informed decision-making and serve as critical information for business loans or investor funding.

Cutting-Edge General Ledger Solution: Sage Intacct’s General Ledger caters to contemporary businesses with intricate reporting needs. This fundamental accounting tool allows soft closing throughout the month to streamline month-end processing, independent closure of subsidiary ledgers, simplified reporting based on tax or other specific standards, and additional versatile functionalities.

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