How to Create Custom Reports in Sage Intacct: A Step-by-Step Guide for Enhanced Financial Insights


Custom reports in Sage Intacct allow you to tailor data insights to meet your specific business needs. This article will guide you through the process of creating and customizing reports, ensuring you get the most relevant information for your financial decision-making.

Accessing the Reporting Module:

To begin creating custom reports, navigate to the reporting module in Sage Intacct:

1. Login to Your Account:

Access your Sage Intacct account and go to the Reports section from the main dashboard.

2. Select Report Type:

Choose from various report types such as Financial Reports, Operational Reports, and Custom Reports.

Choosing Report Types:

Understanding the different report types can help you select the right one:

• Financial Reports:

Standard financial statements like balance sheets and income statements.

• Operational Reports:

Detailed reports on specific operations like sales, expenses, and cash flows.

• Custom Reports:

Fully customizable reports tailored to your unique business requirements.

Customizing Your Report:

Follow these steps to customize your report:

1. Select Fields:

Choose the data fields you want to include in your report.

2. Apply Filters:

Narrow down the data by applying relevant filters such as date ranges, departments, or specific transactions.

3. Set Parameters:

Define parameters that allow for dynamic report generation, such as user inputs for different criteria.

4. Format and Layout:

Adjust the layout, grouping, and formatting to ensure the report is easy to read and interpret.

Saving and Sharing Reports:

Once your custom report is ready, you can save and share it:

• Save the Report:

Save your report within Sage Intacct for future use.

• Schedule Reports:

Automate report generation and delivery by scheduling reports to run at specific intervals.

• Share with Team:

Share reports with team members through email or by granting access within Sage Intacct.


Creating custom reports in Sage Intacct is a powerful way to gain deeper insights into your business data. Follow these steps to create reports that meet your unique needs.


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